Appeal to the UN, EU and to the Organizations of the International Community

The first genocide of the twentieth century was committed against Armenians 106 years ago by young Turks regime in Ottoman Empire. Justice has yet to be done.

Two-thirds of the total Armenian population in Ottoman Empire, i.e. one and half million lives, fell victim to the state-planned genocide of 1915-23.

Not only Armenians but also Assyrians, Greeks and other Christian minorities were subjected to one of the most brutal and large scale crimes that the world has ever seen.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians were denied their natural right to live and thrive in their ancestral land of thousands of years. They were deported to the Syrian deserts and in the course of what is known as death march, they were systematically and violently murdered, raped or left starved to face their death.

For the sake of covering their true identity and staying alive, many Armenians, had no choice but to convert to Islam.

The young Turks regime confiscated what belonged to Armenians. They and their descendants went further by expanding genocidal act on Armenian historical and cultural heritage in their own homeland by destroying them. Such gross violations continue even today in the modern Turkey.

And the tragedy is such crimes took place in front of the civilized Europe and with their de facto complicity and neglect.

Without immoral neglect of the European powers and compromise over Armenian lives, Turks would have not dared to commit such a crime known as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Some, like Hitler, thought this colossal crime against humanity will be forgotten. However, due to decades of persistent struggle by Armenians and true friends even among Turks, the genocidal nature of what happened in Turkey 100 years ago is largely disclosed now.
In a considerable number of democratic countries people are now aware of the fact that what happened in Ottoman Turkey hundred years ago, was a genocide planned at the highest Turkish state level.

While today the progressive and humanist world recognizes the Armenian Genocide, and demands justice for Armenians, Turkish authorities continue their denial policy. Furthermore, they carry on falsifying history making Armenians the target of a horrendous racial and religious hatred attacks making it the basis of the Turkish state propaganda. They pursue this genocidal confrontation against Armenians living all over the world, as well as against other Christian and non-Christian ethnic groups in Turkey and in the region.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that on September 27, benefited from felonious and silent consent of the civilized states, Turkey not only fully supported Azerbaijanթ§Չ‚-Չ„§s 44-day military aggression against people of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) by providing advanced weaponry, but also facilitated jihadist terrorist participation in this inhumane aggression. 

If in 1915, Armenians were left alone and defenceless from openly brutal massacres and deportation by Turkish soldiers. In this recent war, they were likewise alone and defenceless, as the targets of again brutal attacks, though this time made by very high tec expensive arsenal capable of high precision attacks.  

We strongly condemn war crimes and atrocities committed by the Azerbaijani and Turkish military during 44թ§Չ‚-Չ€œdays of war resulted in annihilation of countless Armenian lives as well as destruction of Armenian cultural heritage in occupied Nagornoթ§Չ‚-Չ€œKarabakh regions.

Encouraged by Turkey’s unconditional support, Azerbaijan still refuses to release all Armenian prisoners of war and missing soldiers. Something that she is obliged to respect under November 9 joint ceasefire declaration and the Geneva Conventions. Moreover, Azerbaijan threatens to start a new war, cynically declaring that even Yerevan, capital of Armenia, belongs to Azerbaijan. 

Witnessing these cruel rhetoric and actions expressed in series of racist statements by Hitlerite twins, Erdogan-Aliyev, the world cannot and should not remain silent. International community should take measures to eliminate the unresolved problems of the past and stand up for justice. 

The current Turkish authorities, led by Erdogan, has started pursuing pan-Turkic expansionist dream of restoring Ottoman Empire. Once again in this, Turkey is taking advantage of the East-West encounters reaching higher levels increasingly. Erdogan is doing so at the expense of people of the Middle East, South Caucasus as well as the very Turkish people.

In order to prevent further genocides, on behalf of the Assembly of Armenians of Europe and our compatriots living in Europe, we call upon the international community and political actors, to counter inhumane Turkish plots.

We call upon the European Union members, United States, The UK, Russia, China, and all regional countries, not to sacrifice common human interests for the sake of some narrow short-term interests and stand up for justice.

Armenians are peace-loving people. Throughout our history, we have strived to live in peace and harmony with all our neighbours. However, this does not mean that we should not oppose steps violating our national and human rights and our dignity.

We never forget the Genocide. We Remember and Demand.

The Turkish authorities are not only hostile to their neighbours, but also, they openly violate and supress the basic human rights and freedoms of Turkish people. Spreading hatred and hostility against Armenians in Turkey, is a big obstacle against harmonious and peaceful co-existence of these two neighbouring nations.

We call upon the United Nation, European Union, and the International Community to condemn Turkish denial of Armenian Genocide and act for restoration of justice and lost rights.

Todayթ§Չ‚-Չ„§s international public organizations must absolutely remain faithful to their own declared values and aims.

Assembly of Armenians of Europe
Sweden, Uppsala, 22th April 2021

To The Organizations of the International Community
 and Public Opinion, the Parliamentary Committees

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