January 28, 2022

Manny Gamburyan Tells B/R That Fight With Jose Aldo Could Be in August

Last weekend, at what was popularly referred to as WEC 48, Manny Gamburyan knocked out former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown, earning himself KO of the night honors in the process.

Not many gave Manny a shot at competing with the strong wrestler from American Top Team.

A vast majority of doubters put Manvel Gamburyan as the clear underdog and expected his opponent to thoroughly dominate him for their entire three-round stanza.

Gamburyan, of course, turned naysayers into believers the moment he scored his first round knockout of over Brown.

“The Anvil” told Bleacher Report MMA how it made him feel prior to the fight.

“I was kind of shocked…that I was fighting [as the] underdog,” said Gamburyan.  “Really?  They gave me that much credit, huh?”

That type of shock appears to have translated into a devastating punch, and unfortunately for Mike Brown, he was on the receiving end of it.

“I kind of…got mad,” explained Manny.  “It’s just like, ‘really?  That bad, huh?’  So, it actually motivates me more.  I’m like, ‘you know what?  I’m a take this fool out, seriously.’  It was part of the game plan, to be honest with you,”

The Armenian-born fighter went into that fight with one goal, and only one goal, in mind: Win this fight outright.

“I knew I had to finish him,” said the Gokor-trained fighter.

The big win came on April 24, which is the day of remembrance for the Armenian genocide of 1915.

With the support of all his Armenian countryman, Manny was welcomed back to Los Angeles on the return from his fight in Sacramento.

When asked if he received a lot of love from his fellow Armenians, Gamburyan replied, “Big time…they were supporting me, they were so happy.”

Now, with the win over the former champion, all signs point to a destiny that includes a title fight against champion Jose Aldo.

The fight, at this point, would be a pretty big draw and a spectacle of bout that has a strong possibility for fireworks.

When asked if he’d welcome a shot at Aldo, Gamburyan, of course replied, “Man, I would love to.  It would be a dream come true.”

Manny continued to talk about a potential match-up with the champion.

“That’s the only fight that makes sense in my head right now.  I really want to fight Aldo.  I don’t want to fight anybody else right now.  I don’t care.  Even if they offered me Nate Diaz, to be honest with you.

“That would be a fight I would fight anywhere, any place on this planet.  Even… his own backyard.”

Gamburyan is known for openly respecting his opponent, but come fight time, he makes them his enemy.

Jose Aldo garners all the respect in the world at 145 pounds and Manvel is on board with that opinion.

“He’s a phenom.  He’s a great fighter,” described Manny.

Of course, when the time comes for their rumored bout to take place, Gamburyan will look to do the same to Jose Aldo as he did Mike Brown.

“Nobody’s knocked [out] or submitted Jose Aldo.  I wouldn’t mind being the first one,” said the speculated No. 1 contender.

Does Manny Gamburyan think he can knock out a seemingly unbeatable champion?

“Any given day, anybody can be knocked out, so why not?” answered Gamburyan when asked if he can floor the champ.

Since the last event was the WEC’s first effort at a Pay-Per-View, talk has already started about the company’s second venture into premium fights at a price.

When asked if he thought the WEC would place a bout between he and Aldo on PPV, Gamburyan replied, “They thought about it, yeah.  Hopefully in August.  Rumors are… Aug. 8.  I don’t know where yet.”

Manny even went out on a limb to say he would fight Aldo in the champion’s home country when he remarked, “You know what?  I wouldn’t even mind fighting in Brazil.”

Manny wanted to give a shout-out to his friends, training partners, trainers, coaches, family and parents with a special thanks to his sponsors Affliction and Revgear .


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