June 26, 2022

FSPC calls on Diaspora to initiate NKR recognition process

NKR Public Council for Foreign and Security Policy has called on Armenian Diaspora organizations to initiate the process of international recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. NEWS.am posts the full text of the statement.

In a letter addressed to three traditional political parties and lobbying structures of the Armenian Diaspora, the Council noted that:

“Since April 2009, when Armenian-Turkish dialogue gained greater public prominence, we have been faced with new challenges. The process of negotiations between Armenia and Turkey and the signing of the two well-known protocols have caused much debate among Armenians.

Meantime, Turkey’s efforts to link its ratification of protocols to Armenian territorial concessions in favor of Azerbaijan have added to tensions in the Caucasus region.

With support of Diaspora Armenian organizations, Western parliaments have stepped up the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a form of pressure on the Turkish leadership which is refusing to fulfill obligations it has assumed as part of the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation effort.

In response to this pressure, Turkish leaders have declared about a danger of regional destabilization. Keeping in mind Azerbaijan’s militaristic designs and the fact that Turkey remains Azerbaijan’s closest ally, there is little doubt as to where such destabilization might occur.

In this regard, there is a need to strengthen the Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s security and thus rule out a danger of another Armenian Genocide, this time in Eastern Armenia.

NKR Public Council for Foreign and Security Policy believes that together with recognition of Genocide, Diaspora Armenian organization should make the issue of international recognition of the Artsakh Republic a priority direction of their activities. We do not believe that promotion of &‘commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict’ is sufficient.

Having gained substantial experience working with legislative bodies of various levels around the world, Diaspora organizations are capable of initiating the process of recognition of NKR by these entities.”

Masis Mayilian, president of the Public Council for Foreign and Security Policy noted that recent precedents in the Balkans and the Caucasus have shown that such recognition can serve as a real mechanism to strengthen security in conflict areas and support stability at relatively little material cost.

Gegham Bagdasaryan, member of the NKR Parliament and the Public Council member recalled that “Our compatriots abroad have extensive experience, gained during decades fighting for recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Time has come to use that experience to safeguard Armenian victories in Artsakh in the framework of international law.”

The Public Council believes that Artsakh’s recognition even by provincial governments and local self-government entities would serve to provide Artsakh with important moral and institutional support.

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