November 29, 2023

Armenian ruling party’s faction MP questioning Venice Commission president’s impartiality

“I would like to ask not to identify President of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio’s personal statements with the Venice Commission. This is very important. The statements by the co-rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe are the statements of that very institution, but in Buquicchio’s case, this isn’t so.” This is what deputy of the My Step faction of the National Assembly of Armenia and author of the decision on termination of the powers of the president and 6 judges of the Constitutional Court Vahagn Hovakimyan told

In essence, the deputy of the My Step faction has questioned the impartiality of the President of the Venice Commission and has justified this by saying that the former authorities of Armenia had conferred an order to Gianni Buquicchio with expensive diamonds on it.

“I would like to remind that in 2009, Serzh Sargsyan gave Gianni Buquicchio a very expensive gift. The diamonds on that special order given with different evaluations are very costly. I would like to say that Gianni Buquicchio is a person, a European official who received rather interesting gifts from the former authorities. Let’s just record this and move on. Gianni Buquicchio is the head of an advisory body. We take notice of his statements, but what is important for us is the advancement of our state and observance of our Constitution,” the ruling party’s deputy said.

In 2009, Gianni Buquicchio was conferred an Order of Honor for promoting Armenia’s European integration and contributing to the implementation of legal reforms in Armenia, but on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, not third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

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