October 4, 2022

A Second Memorable International Conference On Syria in a Committee Room in Britain’s House Of Lords

by Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


The room was brimful of every imaginable political hue, from Left to Right, expressing their views of the Syrian situation freely and with no political inhibitions.  In fact, the star-speaker of the evening was Peter Oborne, perhaps Britain’s best pen-pusher on politics, but definitely the most Right wing of the Right-wingers and Ringers, with a regular whole page in the Saturday Mail.

I love Oborne’s knowledgeable writing so much, that I frequently think to myself, (why should) How could Peter Oborne be so horribly right wing?  Could he not be a tiny bit Socialist, as he works his way weekly through the stinking mist of the pigsty-swamp he stirs up every week clarifying the political issues of the day.

I told him so – as if he had heard it a hundred times before, he was not angry or frustrated – and he gently and in a very civilized manner said, “I know, I know”… The pity of it is that we do not know that he knew it!

I remember the days when the House of Lords Committee Rooms were coloured powerful Pompei-Red Velvet, instantly signifying operatic imperialist world-domination, lording it over as a start with their House of Commons Rooms coloured overall in Grass-green.

When I had first arrived at this country, the first thing an MP had tried to teach me was that the British government rules its own country as if it were yet another colony under the feet of the British Establishment – that the British citizenry are regarded as no more than tools of domination, a chattel – goyim (cattle = in Hebrew), a commodity that can be traded in for Capitalist Trump-style chips to make Casino deals…

I could never locate the author of this political wisdom (could have belonged to Tony Benn, MP, as it sounded very brave emanating from the crackles  of Tony Benn’s pen).

The new architects seem to be replacing the old velvet rooms with the modern American version of internal square spaces – classical (Greek architecture in the West), went for the Circular shape, as a Jungian archetypal form to be inspired by; modern architecture seems to prefer the Square shape – spacious and categorical square SUDOKU thinking’ with no subtleties and puzzles, un-manifested by the classical circular-thinking.

During the recent times of ‘square thinking’, the designation (meaning the identity-tag of the people/culture) Alawites was used at the drop of a hat to start the Western broken-record on the Syrian Assad (= Lion, in Arabic) Presidential family, but it seems no more, people are fed up with the tiresome pointless ethnic epithet…

Yes, the Dynasty of the Assad family does contain a tribal linguistic totemic reference to the cult of the Lions in Judah (signifying belonging to a pre-historic cult long before the Jews appeared on the scene – something the international commentators seem ignorant of … if only they knew their historical facts, they would abstain from harping upon Jewish-older-than Arabic in fear of the Rabbinic Jews … Emperor Hailé Selassié was hoping to use it to prove his regime’s antiquity earlier than the Jewish presence!)

Now the identity-tag of the Alawites seems also to be on its last legs in political discourse, proving the vacuity of such camp political chess discourse.

The Super Palestinian intellectual Dr. Makram Al Khoury (as during the first Conference) opened the proceedings.  He invited the Deputy Speaker Lady Caroline Cox, Armenians’ modern day … Saint of Kharabagh,  who single-handedly had saved the Armenian people of Karabagh from a state-organized genocide by the Dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

Lady Cox presented her excellent usual Christian eye-witness Report of her latest visit to Syria very similar to the last one, calling for Peace … reminding the audience of the last one, with the same message, that Christians in Syria are in mortal danger unless they would be left in peace and protected by Western government proxies, to worship in peace.

However, Lady Cox did not forget to mention (and thank God for the emphasis on such a powerful statement!) that a top notch British Home Office functionary has  personally accused her in his office of wrecking the British foreign policy in the Middle East … a serious charge indeed, which Lady Cox takes in her stride and throws back with a nod of her beautiful head, not giving two hoots about it … as the British government subsidzes the criminal Whie Hemlets to the tune of many hundred million pounds, deliberately created to invent targeted military games (like stage-managed Chemical attacks on Syrian childen otherwise dead) to denigrate specifically President Assad …

The most Rev poet Lord Williams, ex Archbishop of Canterbury, now the Provost of Magdalene College Cambridge, was missed by his absence.  Privy to Lady Cox’s good sense for Reason and Reasonableness, put the two together in a room with a brief for achieving peace in Syria, Lady Carolne Cox, and Rev Williams could achieve the desired resolve in … 2 minutes!

It goes to show that the British Establishment lacks any good sense to employ the right people for the right job… Instead they just beat around the bush endlessly, wasting everybody’s time knowingly, devastating deliberately human resources, and priceless human life …

It serves the monstrous Western imperialist modern-conspiracy of population reduction, reducing world population in honur of Malthus (a 19th c. English misanthrope), which, as always, intends to improve capitalist greed of monetary accumulation.

The American lunatics, Father and Son Bush revived the classical economic theory of economic growth through whoring the macro-economy of the US to the Military Industrial complex, with the aim of controlling over all dimensions of the battle-space, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas, as terrestrial, aerial, maritime,  subterraneanextraterrestrialpsychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare.

What reads like a KGB document – Full Spectum Dominance  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full-spectrum dominance) documents the recent US government attempt to take over the world is actually a reference to an American military document attempting to achieve precisely the same as Hitler had intended by his book Mein Kampf (=My Struggle)!!

The unnecessary war on Iraq (targeting really its… oil wealth) was the first booty of the war, generating several billion dollars every day on the International money-markets.

The war on Syria followed, as an aggression against Afghanistan (the Americans trying to replace the power of the Soviet Red Army.

The Russians quite happily, as they lack any imperialist appetite, let the Americans gulp on Afghanistan as the poisoned chalice … Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was a Polish-American diplomat instrumental in this act of gross political indecency, as it contributed to the inhuman chaos in the region – Zbig was the carrier of an anti-communst bug, invented by Winston Churchill, so powerful, eventually, it destroys itself though not soon enough to save the surroundings from horrible evil.

Meanwhile, a window of opportunity was invented by the murder of Co. Gaddafi, whereby, the French, British and the Americans ganged up together to enter Libya, stab Gaddafi a dozen times, divide up the oil, and rush out … a nice and tidy quick job as the stabbings of the youth in South London’s Council states perform – in a drug-fuelled market for the mafia-world!

They did not reckon with President Putin’s hospitality in Syria.

Western imperialists treat their vassels and clients like swine in a swamp.

The Russians (in contast) honour thm as human beings, with dignity, never breakng their official promises – they treat their political friends as Soul-mates!

And President Putin is the world’s (if not Hisotry’) greatest champion-player of Chess.

It was Western imperialists’s greatest political stupidity to engage President Putin in war-games.

The Terror of War filled with the Horrors of … Peace

Those who know it, know that they were afraid of the war, now the American & British Warmongers are terrified of the Peace which Assad with Putin won …

The immediate direct result shall be the emergence of opera-loving President Assad as the Strong Man of he region.

He will dominate the region like Shakespeare’s Colossus, Julius Cesar.

And why are the Anglo-American imperialists terrified by the Lion (Assad) of Judah?

The Jewish state had promised his father Hafez, the peaceful return of Golan Heights, stolen in war.

The Jewish State, not only reneged on its promise, moreover, they murdered in cold blood Assad’s favourite son and successor.

President Hafez, in his profound wisdom, swallowed the bitter pill.  Instead of burning up the region, in an admirable humanist restraint, and miraculous self-restraint, made no counter-moves to reciprocate.

But it is a muder as yet un-avenged … which needs justifiable retribution in a Semtic conext of the Middle East.

Now imagine if the opera-loving president feels powerful enough (with Putin’s full-support and military spine) to unleash a US style Full Spectum Dominance … on Israel … in alliance with the Iranian Might of the Spiritual Leader President Khamanei, Guardian of Iran’s slumbering giant.

Casus Belli

Stupid Western imperialists handed over Syria on a Silver plate-for-life to President Assad, now practically life-President …

Now, if Assad’s male ego is challenged, or driven by an evil woman (as it frequently happens in Western Democracies), the Reluctant Ruler can turn to a Monster of warmongering … President Assad can declare war against any nation, including  far-flung counries like say, Japan … for fun!

Imagine an official formal War between Syria and Israel …

It shall be the end of the world, the  Armageddon American fundamentalists have been fanatically (and frantically) dreaming of trying to make it happen, to prove the End of the World and the Bible correct, under the totally mistaken misunderstanding of the Biblical passage;

God does not want to and is not planning a world war.

After Noah’s Flood, he promised himself never to destroy mankind again.

God wants mankind to live and blossom mentally and spiritually, become intelligent, use their minds as creative artists/inventors like himself, and convert the world into a Paradise, insead of the Hell we are creating through Pollution and Self-destruction.

And during a formal war, the whole of the Islamic world will unite against losing it to the Zionist state.

And it shall be left to President Putin, via President Assad, to clear the mess, at the risk of global destruction, something the Reluctant Rulers (Putin/Assad/Khamanei) do not want, but American imperialists (in Netanyahu’s Zionist pockets) die for, in terms of keeping their military industrial complex going …

Almighty God, help us then!


Post Scriptum

The greatest terrible mistake on the international Board of the Chess game being played was President Trump’s move to donate Jerusalem as a Capital city to the Jewish Zionist state (as if he owned the Freehold!), under the conspiracy of Prime Minister Netanyahu.   The initial impact of the monstrous outrage has now found its reasonable level – a historical laughing stock, even though it immediately had led to the physical wounding of 2,500 peaceful demonstrators on the borders of the Gaza strip.

In a war, the whole of the United Nations shall mock at the Trump/Zionist dumb-ass folly! –

In sacred texts, Jerusalem is always referred to as the Holy City (= Hiero-Shalaim, an amalgam of Hebrew/Greek etymology), but never the ‘Jewish capital city’ – a modern Zionist Fake-news.

And during a formal war, the whole of the Islamic world will unite against losing it to the Zionist state.

It shall be left to President Putin, via President Assad, to clear the mess, at the risk of global destruction, something the Reluctant Rulers (Putin/Assad/Khamanei) do not want, but mentally retarded American imperialists (in Netanyahu’s Zionist pockets) die for, keeping their military industrial complexes going by endangering life on earth …

Israel has already announced to the world, if it feels the Islamic world gangs up upon it with the threat of total annihilation, Israel will definitely go nuclear and not care at all about planetary destruction, and rightly so – no more stupid Euro-holocausts!!

Rabin’s Great Secret

Prime Minister Rabin, as the number one general of the Israeli Defence force, was probably responsible for forging the nuclear-option policy …  And he could not take it any more … He longed for Peace.

He made the boldest move on the Chess Board of human history – confidant that there is an ancient Judaic mitsva (an extra super-national Taboo!) for a Jew, never ever to kill another Jew.

Rabin’s shocking murder was the day Zionism changed Israel, the Israeli, and the sacrosanct Judaic Law.  Israel’s claim of being different from the world disappeared instantly – wiped out of history – the day my passion for Israel became nullified, and mundane, nothing to die for!  Israel can go to Hell, as much as any other country dehumanized by its Zionist army towards Palestinian refugees.

The Zionists foolishly killed Rabin, but Rabin actually intelligently killed the Zionists!!!

Almighty God, help us Now!


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