July 11, 2020

Life Sentenced in China

George Karimi

Life Sentenced in China

A true story of a Swedish businessman in Chinese prison
“From business to a life sentence. My nightmare in Chinese jail and the ugly face of Chinese regime.”

Mr. Karimi’s main goal in the Chinese prison has been a non-stop battle for his life, a Darwinian struggle to come out of that hell… while maintaining his own principles of human virtues and dignity!

Garo Hakopian  President – The Assembly of the Armenians in Europe


George Karimi is a Swedish businessman of Armenian origin. He was sentenced to life in prison in China after one of his business associates was tortured and forced to accuse him of counterfeiting money. He spent seven years in Chinese jails until being transferred to Sweden in 2010; now, after a reduction of his sentence, he has been released in November 2015.

In a letter written to the Swedish Parliament members, Mr. Garo Hakopian President of Assembly of Armenians in Europe points out that:

“The purpose of this letter is not only to expose George Karimi’s conditions in prison, but mainly to help you realize that his conviction does not concern a case of the common criminal law, neither does it concern an “economic crime” as the accusations state, and to show that it is a political case that has methodically been presented as such.

George Karimi was born in Iran and is of Armenian descent. He is a person with high moral values and a particular respect for freedom and justice. He became interested in politics at a very early age and became energetically involved in political activities aimed at defending freedom and the human rights. He feels nothing but gratitude for the fact that he is a Swedish citizen, and please permit me to add, a good citizen too.

Until his arrest in China in 2003, he has been an active member of Armenian associations in Sweden and Brussels. His activity in various European countries, particularly in Brussels, aimed at gaining an official state recognition of the Armenian Genocide on the part of these countries, and was conducted parallel to his operating an import-export company of his own, that involved trade between Sweden and China.

His political activity and his alleged actions against the Chinese Authorities concern his offering information about the Armenian Genocide and a possible future recognition of this genocide by the Chinese government. Karimi’s misfortune was that he was doing this at a time when China was undergoing great internal changes, and George became a scapegoat in the fight among rival political circles in the country. It is noteworthy that even after his transfer to Sweden, attempts have been made to keep his case in the dark, away from public opinion. One can’t help but wonder how it is possible to hide something like this from the media. Though it may sound incredible, still it is true that in a democratic country like Sweden there is actually a political prisoner!”

The complete letter in Swedish can be read at the following website:


This faction is a flawless masterpiece, elegantly worded – oderly, emotive, and powerful like a Zen prayer bead.
Chad Manian
Lecturer in Economics, London.


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