January 28, 2022

Kilicdaroglu Elected Main Opposition Party Leader: Is He an Armenian?

A Turkish MP from Istanbul, allegedly having Armenian roots, has been elected as leader of the Turkish largest opposition Peoples Republican Party of Turkey.

Interestingly, Kemal Kilicdaroglu was the only candidate to this position.

Turkish media touched upon Kilicdaroglu’s possible Armenian roots first during the 2009 municipal elections when he was competing for the position of Istanbul’s mayor. Some of the Turkish media outlets reported that his mother Emush was an Armenian national who was living in Dersim, Tunceli Province, Turkey.

“My mother may be an Armenian, a Kurd and a Greek but my love for her will not decrease because of that,” Kilicdaroglu said on an occasion while showered with questions about his mother during the election campaign.

The alleged Armenian roots of Kilicdaroglu’s mother had caused a serious incident. An Armenian national Raffi Hermon had been beaten during the 2009 election campaign for having welcomed Kilicdaroglu with a poster reading in Armenian “Dear Kilicdaroglu, welcome to Kinali Ada.”


photo by aysor,am

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